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Health education, inspiration 
and coaching are the backbone
to Cris’ approach.

I collaborate with YOU to help you work on the 4 pillars of wellness:

  • LIFESTYLE or how we live: Work-life balance, stress management, relationships, rest and sleep.

  • EXERCISE or how we move: Achievable goals that boost performance and energy levels.

  • ATTITUDE or how we think: Mood, concentration, focus, and brain health (including Alzheimer’s prevention).

  • NUTRITION or how we eat: Meal habits and the power of “real food nutrition” versus fake food and diet trends.

These 4 pillars spell LEAN and they work together to make people healthier at any age or life stage. LEAN is a scientifically proven, clinically based program which was developed by Dr. William Sears, pediatrician, author of over 45 books and co-founder of the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

WellNutrition Solutions provides you with trusted, current and accurate information relevant to your health. Cris is committed to helping people to do all they can to prevent preventable diseases, through education and simple changes in lifestyle and nutrition.

With Cris, you will discover that “healthy”can be fun and delicious as well.

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